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Cree Records - high quality record reissue company. German Measles, Step inside my Soul, John Harris and the Soul Sayers. Northern Soul, Modern Soul, Reggae, Ska, Disco, Boogie, Island Funk, Calypso, Beat, Freakbeat, Mod, Psychedelic.
German Measles, Step inside my Soul, John Harris and the Soul Sayers, Northern Soul, Modern Soul, Reggae, Ska, Island Funk, Disco, Boogie, Calypso, Beat, Freakbeat, Mod, Psychedelic, Trinidad, Jamaica, Nappy Mayers, Embryo
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V.A. Step Inside My Soul

  • Step Inside My Soul CD
  • Step Inside My Soul CD

V.A. Step Inside My Soul

Of all the major record labels like Atlantic, Epic, Capitol, and Mercury promoting African American music in the 1970s, Polydor did it differently. Polydor licensed in singles, pressing very few copies of each record – mostly as single-sided promos, to gauge demand. As a business model, it didn’t work well and very few of their licensed-in records became hits. All the masters on this 2-LP set were small, licensed-in productions, with only one act – Creative Source – actually getting a contract with Polydor (and probably only after the single was released and became a minor hit). Most of the music on this double album is even rarer because most of the tracks are the more soulful, less poppy soul and funk tunes, some of which were relegated to the B-sides of stock copies pressed in tiny quantities. The short-sightedness of Polydor’s policies, even relative to other major labels, became clear when some of the acts on this vinyl compilation like Debbie Taylor and most notably Enchantment, had later success on other major labels. In any case, Polydor’s policies led to a large amount of high quality but often very rare soul material, some of which makes its first reappearance on this 2-LP set. > also available on Cree CD, catalog number CCD 1202

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